Treatment Sessions

Neurological physiotherapy rehabilitation Treatment sessions After a full hour-long neurological assessment, you will be offered a regular physiotherapy treatment programme tailored to your needs and goals. These treatment sessions can be an hour, 45 minutes or half an hour long. Outcome measurements are taken routinely alongside your set goals so you can track your progress. These sessions are generally a hands on therapeutic session to help realign your posture, re-educate your muscles and movements and rebuild strength and balance to help you efficiently carry out everyday functions such as walking, dressing, eating etc. We will always listen to your goals and wishes and make sure we are working towards these.

Musculoskeletal Assessments are 45 minutes and include assessment, outcome measurement and initial treatment. Follow up sessions can be half an hour or 45 minutes long.  Musculoskeletal physiotherapy involves assessing the problem and using manual skills as well as muscle re-education and exercises to treat it.

With both sessions, your individual exercises programme can be emailed or printed off for you. If emailed, the link includes videos of the exercises to help you carry them out effectively.

Exercise classes

Physio led exercise classes offer an affordable way of accessing supervised physiotherapy sessions as well as allowing you to benefit from group exercise in a safe way. Classes offered include:

  • Pilates based classes (either on a mat or seated depending on need)
  • Upper limb rehabilitation classes
  • Circuit classes for strength and balance.

These classes are suited for people with neurological conditions, older people or those with balance problems.

All classes are kept small (maximum of 12) to ensure adequate physio supervision and hands on assistance when needed.

All participants will be given an initial screening and assessment to ensure the physio is aware of your level and can tailor the exercise class to your individual needs, as well as to set your goals and take outcome measurements. For the Pilates classes you will also receive initial instruction in Pilates core elements.

All classes are run in blocks of six. Admission to a Pilates class will not be possible without prior assessment.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Dizziness is a common and disabling problem faced by a number of people for a multitude of reasons. Sense Ability Therapy can offer a full physiotherapy vestibular assessment and tailor an individual exercise programme to help with problems caused by dizziness. We are also trained in the Epley manoeuvre to treat dizziness caused by Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, which has a 98% success rate in resolving the problem. Contact us to discuss your needs and we can advise you further.

Chronic Pain Management

Chronic Pain occurs for a number of reasons, is extremely disabling and limits everyday function. Sense Ability Therapy can offer a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy based assessment and treatment programme and are also trained in delivering the Pain Management Programme as well as acupuncture for pain relief.

Review Packages

Sense Ability Therapy understand that once you have come to the end of the rehabilitation provision on the NHS it can be difficult to know what to do next. Many conditions such as Stroke, although not degenerative, can deteriorate through inactivity or from muscle shortening/weakness over time. In addition, many people feel they have yet more to achieve. If having regular one to one rehabilitation sessions is not an affordable option for you, but you still want the reassurance that you are not deteriorating, then a review package is the answer.

Choose the frequency you would like to be reviewed and book with us. Each client will get a full neurological assessment and measurements taken on booking and then will have a review session at the frequency chosen. At the assessment and each review, advice will be given about exercise programmes, lifestyle changes and if any problems are picked up all your options will be explained for you and actioned, whether it is onward referral to an NHS service, your GP or a private provider. The cost will include all paperwork, referral letters and outcome measurement.

Relax in the knowledge that someone will be in touch to check you are making the most of your potential and that problems will not deteriorate to crisis point. You can also call to bring the review forward if the need arises.

Physiotherapy Technician

In some cases after an assessment has been made and an exercise plan drawn up, it is possible for you to be supervised by a physiotherapy technician who can liaise with the qualified physiotherapist for reviews when needed. This offers another affordable way of getting regular physiotherapy input and support.