Treatment LengthClinic Home Visit
Physio Neurology Assessment (1 hour)£55£60
Physio Neurology Treatment 1 hour£55£60
Musculoskeletal assessment/ Physio Treatment 45 minutes£45£50
Physio Treatment 30 minutes£35£40
Physio Technician 1 hour£40£45
Physio Technician 30 minutes£20£25

Pilates Treatment LengthClinic Home Visit
Class Assessment (30 minutes)£30£40
Class (1 hour)£7 per class or £36 for 6

For FES and Litegait Assessment and treatment please contact us for prices and further information.

The above prices are for guidance and reflect the average cost of assessment and treatment. However, we are committed to providing effective rehabilitation for every budget and recognise that everyone is unique and will have different needs identified following assessment. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you. Please also take a look at our current special offers